Meaning of Color Part 1: Blue

Colors play a big role in how we see the world, not only physically but emotionally as well. Whether you notice it or not, certain colors can affect your mood in certain ways. Some colors might make you feel sad, and others can make you feel excited or even anxious. The interesting thing about colors and emotions is that many colors affect people the same way. . Since colors are so important in our daily lives, it makes sense for businesses to use colors in their advertisements and marketing to evoke feelings and help customers remember logos and brands.

All About Blue
One of the strongest colors and one that many businesses use in advertising is blue. Blue is a dominant color. When a person sees the color blue that often feel safe, calm, relaxed and secure. Blue is often used in company logos and brands. Blue is a dominant color and is often used to show that a company is reliable, trustworthy and professional.

How Colors Affect Us
Colors can affect everyone differently, but in many cases they don’t. Most people have the same reactions to certain colors and there is a scientific reason for it. When a person sees the color blue, the body begins to produce chemicals that are soothing or calming. The body literally relaxes, and the person may feel content and safe. This is because so many blue elements in nature are also calming and relaxing. The sky and water are both represented by the color blue and are associated with feeling relaxed and peaceful.

How The Color Blue Can Help You
If you are looking for a color to add to your business logo, website design, and advertising, think about what you want your customers to think and feel as soon as they see your marketing materials. Most people react to color without even realizing it, so before a customer even reads your materials, he or she has already formed somewhat of an opinion about your brand. By choosing the color blue to represent your company, you are telling your customers that they can be safe and confident with their decision to do business with you. You are telling them to trust you and to relax and allow themselves to be “taken care of” by the company.

Color is an important part of our lives. Not only do we enjoy colors, but they can affect how we perceive things. If you want your company or business to be associated in a strong, dependable and professional way, you may want to consider including blue in your logos, brand, website design or marketing materials. How do you feel when you see the color blue?