How to deal with the “I don’t like it” statement

The worst words a designer can hear are “I don’t like it.” When a client doesn’t approve of a design or a portion of it, it can be frustrating and disheartening. How you react to the client’s comments can make or break your career and instead of feeling discouraged when a client request a revision or new design, you should learn how to ask for feedback so you can give the client exactly what he wants the next time around.


It’s always a good idea to apologize for the confusion and reassure the client that you want to satisfy their needs and are willing to make changes to the design as needed. The client may be just as frustrated as you, but the reassurance will put them in a better mood and allow them to communicate clearly with you.

Request Feedback

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback or direction. As the client what he or she didn’t like about the design, what they would like to see changed or how you can make it better. It may be something small, or you may have to create a new design. Let the client direct you, so you can meet their needs. Don’t be afraid to ask for question or clarification of requests. Your client may think he or she is being clear about their wants and needs, but they can really be making requests that are confusing. When you know exactly what the client wants or needs, you can deliver better work for them.

Inform The Client

In some cases, the client may not know what they want or need. They may make a request that seems ridiculous to you or that could have negative effects on the message or character of their company. You can always politely question your clients on their requests and redirect them if necessary. If they request a font that you feel is too small or color that you do not think work well together, you may bring up your concerns and present them with other offers. In the end, go with what the client wants.

The next time a client tells you he or she does not like a design or an aspect of your design, don’t get discouraged or feel bad. Just find out what you can do to make the design better and learn from your experience and feedback.