Why Infographics for Your Business

“The visualization of information is enabling us to gain insight and understanding quickly and efficiently, utilizing the incredible processing power of the human visual system. Accessing and harnessing this power is not only valuable, but necessary, as we navigate the vast amounts of data presented to us daily.” 

Jason Lankow, Josh Ritchie & Ross Crooks, Infographics – The Power of Visual Storytelling

Why You Want Infographics for Your Business

Visual Storytelling: The Fast Track to Your Customer’s Heart

Brands that use visual content find that it triggers greater engagement with their customers and prospects. This isn’t a new discovery, however: visual storytelling goes back to prehistoric times with cave paintings, many of which still exist today all over the world.

Visual elements enable you to tell your story with greater impact than words alone. Visuals stir the emotions. And when the visual is a powerful one the effect is magnified.

Powerful visuals + evoke emotions = Deeper engagement

According to Getty Images, “Powerful visuals evoke emotions, driving a deeper engagement and more profound change in behavior.” This is true for your business because every buying decision is first and foremost an emotional one. Only once the emotional decision is made does the human mind provide the rationalization (or justification) of reason and logic.

This has powerful implications for how you interact with your customers, your prospects, and your potential leads. Visual elements such as images, video, and graphics can significantly impact engagement and the eventual buying decisions of your audience. Therefore, it makes sense that you will want to incorporate these elements into the design of your company website, social media platforms, and printed materials.

What Are Infographics and Why Use Them?

The term infographic is simply an abbreviation of “information graphic”. The term has gained popularity over the last few years and they have become increasingly common in online marketing.

At its most basic, an infographic is graphical representation of some type of data or information. The power of the infographic lies in the design and illustrative elements used. Otherwise dry and abstract information can be given powerful impact and be made far more compelling and memorable with a good infographic.

The benefits of good infographics for businesses is in their significantly greater effectiveness in creating appeal, reinforcing retention, and increasing comprehension. This is critical for your marketing efforts as well as for educating your audience with your company’s message. A well-designed infographic will boost the impact of your story with the power of having strong visual appeal, vivid clarity and a memorable message.