Website Designer or Web Developer

Website Designer or Web Developer: Do You Know the Difference?

The Role of the Website Designer

It’s helpful to think of the “designer” as the one who puts together what you and I see on a finished website. To accomplish this, a web designer will use graphics, fonts, and graphic design software to create the layout and appearance of a website. This design work also incorporates any interactive aspects of the site such as video, image sliders, and various links, etc.

The designer’s work is then brought to life, so to speak, online with the application of code.

Oftentimes, the designer may not be the person writing the code and, in some cases, may work together with the team or individual web developer whose task it is to take a website design live.

Good website designers have a strong grasp a variety of concepts such as color schemes, typography, layout, and the actual user experience. While coding is not actually required to be a competent web designer, many designers do learn code and few are adept at both design and coding.

Which brings us to…

The Web Developer

Web development, strictly speaking, is simply writing the code – various computer languages – that serve to create the visual interface we commonly refer to as our website. Without the code there is no website. With the code, you can have a site, but it may not be pretty!

This is not to say that web developers aren’t able to create sites that are visually appealing. But their primary objective is to create websites with good code and that are stable and technically sound. Their primary skillset rests in technical ability and process thinking.

Two Paths to One Web Goal

It can be said that, generally speaking, web designers are more “right-brained” in their abilities and approach to websites, while web developers are more “left-brained” and technically oriented. While this isn’t always true and, in fact, there are many talented web designers who also develop the websites, as well; it is usually a tag-team effort.

Ultimately, both designers and developers are working toward the same goal of creating a website that works well for its owner and its users.