6 Tips to Design on a Budget

Watching pennies is important for every not-for-profit organization; those that are creative in nature need to be especially vigilant. It can be difficult to create beautiful work when you are working with a tight budget. However, it is not impossible. Keep reading for some tips on how to create beautiful work on a tight budget.

Use free stock photos 

Using the best images in an important aspect of creating the perfect design. Although there are many online avenues to stock photos, many of them come with a cost. However, there are many lesser-known free sites as well. These sites have great photos to choose from that don’t cost a dime.

Use free fonts 

There are as many free fonts available as there are free stock photos. Although it can take some time to look through them all to find the perfect one, it is possible.

Borrow from yourself 

Do not forget that you are a creative person. If you have already designed something that you really like, reuse it. It is easy to swap out colors, fonts, or make some other minor changes. Once the original design has been repurposed, it is ready to use in another way.

Use a template 

Using a template is a great way to get started on a project without having to spend any money. Most templates give the user control to change an aspect of it, so creating something completely original by using a template as a base is completely possible.

Go for high impact rather than high concept 

Don’t forget the standard rule of advertising, “sell the sizzle, not the steak”. Spending an exorbitant amount of time creating designs with lots of ornate flourishes can cost you money in the long run if it doesn’t sell the product. Sticking to the basics and creating simple yet effective designs can save both time and money.

Do not try to please everyone 

Agreeing to make every tiny change everyone involved with the product asks for costs time and money. When you get into this habit, a project that should have been finished quickly can end up sitting on your desk for weeks. Decide on a design, have it approved (if necessary), and complete it. Not only will you save money, but you will also be happier in the long run.

Saving money on design projects ultimately means a not-for-profit will have more money to allocate to other areas of the organization. Creating fabulous designs on a tight budget definitely take some patience and skill. However, making the effort is well worth it.